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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing Review
It's garbage.
Superman 64. Country Justice Revenge of the Rednecks. ET. Pac-Man 2600. All of those games come to mind when someone thinks of terrible games,
but one game trumps all of these in terms of being pure s**t; that is Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

Big Rigs was made by a company known as Steallar Stone who had previously worked on some Civil War RTS games, of which, from what I know, where
garbage like most everything else SS has made, before this they made a racing game called Taxi Racer, the game had broken physics, terrible
graphics and awful gameplay, but nothing could prepare anyone for the s**tfest that was, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. One last thing:


First problem with the game is well, trying to make it work, after a few times playing I couldn't boot it up anymore, then it worked again,
rinse repeat the issue, it's annoying to have the game work then suddenly stop working and not launch for a few days.

Anyway once you get the game working another issue is apparent: the game has no music *BUT*, there is a way to make it function, and that is by
putting in a disk that has music on it, the game will start to play those, but to not even have working music in the first place is a HUGE
travesty, especially considering this is a racing *I use that loosely* game where the music helps make the game more enjoyable and gives you
the need for speed, if ya know what I mean.

Upon clicking the custom race option you're given a choice of 5 trucks, they have absolutely no difference what so ever so what you choose will
make no difference on the overall gameplay, thus making this entirely pointless; oh well, at least that's some variety, and at least they look
different, after this you're given a option between 5 maps, oh goodie goodie, it's Sonic R (As a side-note I kinda liked Sonic R) all over
again. The maps are all pretty awful in design and feel... empty and boring. It's kinda depresssing, but anyway, you have Devil's Passage,
Devil's Passage 2, Devil's Passa- I MEAN Nightride, Forgotten Road 1, which there is no Forgetten Road 2 so that's kinda pointless, then you
have Smalltown Road, which is probaly the best of all but still empty and depressing.

When starting a race you get a loading screen, it's my personal favorite part, and then the race begins! I should bring up that on the back of the
box it advertises that you'll be racing against your opponent and the police, which is bullcrap to the max as you do NEITHER of these, the
opponent does nothing, and with the patch, stops right before the finish line, and the police don't exist no matter what, I'm dead serious,
but if THAT wasn't enough to make this game's gameplay bad, it is glitched as hell, you can drive off the map, through your opponent, into
buildings, ignore all terrain issues and go faster then the speed of light, I'm not joking.

The graphics are eye bleeding awful, everything is bland, empty, ugly and just not pretty to the eyes, there's really nothing to say that
hasn't already been said about how the game looks.

The sound, is pretty good actually! The engine sound is pretty okay, and the music is catchy, this is the most redeemable part of the game,
I'd reccomend looking the music on YouTube, it's pretty good.

Overall, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, is one, if not THE worst game ever produced, awful graphics, repulsive gameplay, terrible glitches and
just generally unplayability, Big Rigs gets a -100\10.

Thanks for reading.
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gamer249 View Profile
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6 years ago
that's well know, but how much does it improve with the mod that's supposed to fix it?
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