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I took this version http://theisozone.com/downloads/pc/wind ... -ultimate/ and updated the Wolf3D4SDL parts to v1.7 from v1.6. All the wonderful coding etc, is by the people that did it. Any questions, ask in the forums - I'll not be able to give support, because I know nothing about the fancy stuff!

For the changes for Wolf4SDL
Wolf4SDL v1.7 (released 2011-05-15, revision 256)
- Added support for Mac OS X
(thanks to Chris Ballinger)
- Added support for .sd1 SOD game files as delivered by Steam
by changing --mission parameter slightly
(thanks to Pickle)
- Added --windowed-mouse parameter to start windowed mode with grabbed mouse
(thanks to Jared Breland)
- Rain and snow speed fix (thanks to Tricob)
- Floor/ceiling fix (thanks to Tricob / Adam Biser)
- Fixed moon out of screen bug (thanks to Tricob)
- Rain/snow leaking ceilings fix (thanks to Adam Biser / Tricob)
- Per-user configuration/savegame directories (~/.wolf4sdl) on
Linux like systems per default (thanks to Jared Breland)
- Added --configdir parameter
- Use SDL_DOUBLEBUF for vsync to avoid or at least reduce flickering
(thanks to Greg Ayrton for the hint, use --nodblbuf to disable it)
- Removed remainings of the frame rate counter on screen, when disabled
- Don't quit game when using TAB+E with --tedlevel
- Added --extravbls parameter
- Changed default for "extra VBLs" from 1 to 0
- Fixed missing umask parameter for open with O_CREAT
(bug reported by Daniel Fass)
- Fixed support for 1.0 shareware data files
(bug reported by Marcus Naylor)
- Fixed xtile and ytile not being valid in HitHorizWall and HitVertWall,
respectively. This caused problems with some tutorials.
- Removed unused HitHorizPWall and HitVertPWall.

Wolf4SDL v1.6 (released 2008-09-01, revision 233)
- Fixed songs not really supporting more than 64kb
- Try to recognize whether data files don't fit to program version
instead of just using them and probably crash
(can be disabled with --ignorenumchunks)
- Fizzle fade now works for resolutions up to 8191x4095
(thanks to Xilinx, Inc. for the list of maximum-length LFSR counters)
- Fixed demos being dependent on actual duration of GETGATLINGSND
(fixes second demo, which even rarely worked in vanilla Wolf3D)
- Fixed demos by disabling some bugfixes during recording and playback
(see PLAYDEMOLIKEORIGINAL define in version.h)
- Removed system menu on Windows in windowed mode to avoid ALT to open it
- Fixed palette issues occurring on some Windows systems by using the
"best" color depth reported by libSDL per default (also see --bits option)
- Fixed directional 3d sprites on architectures only allowing aligned memory
access (bug reported by Pickle)
- Fixed remaining status bar after end of demo in 320x240s resolutions
(bug reported by Pickle)
- Removed last busy waiting (fixes very unstable framerates on machines with
stricter schedulers like FreeBSD; thanks to Tron for making me notice)
- Fixed compiling of SOD on case sensitive file systems
(thanks to Michael)

Wolf4SDL v1.5 (released 2008-05-25, revision 215)
- Reduced minimum distance to back of moving pushwall to PLAYERSIZE
- Fixed pushwall rendering when player's eye is in the pushwall back tile
(bug reported by Pickle)
- Enable 'End game' menu item also when using --tedlevel
- Removed some unneccessary fade outs
(DrawPlayScreen does not call VW_FadeOut anymore!!)
- When using 'End game', 'View scores' does not directly show up anymore
- Fixed quickload/quicksave not working when started with --tedlevel (vanilla
bug). This now also only checks for save games once at startup (may speed
up entering the menu on Dreamcast)
- Fixed drawing moving pushwalls viewed at acute angles near the level border
- Fixed vanilla bug hiding bonus items on same tile as player, when he cannot
pick them up (e.g. medikit at 100% health) (thanks to Pickle for noticing)
- Added GP2X specific code by Pickle
- Reimplemented picture grabber to support all screen resolutions
(+P in debug mode)
- Added --resf option to force to use unsupported resolutions >= 320x200
- Added support for resolutions being a multiple of 320x240
(thanks for your help, Pickle!)
- Fixed crash when cheat-hurting oneself to death (bug reported by Tricob)
- Cleaned up id_sd.cpp (kept PC speaker stuff for future reference)
- Added move buttons (invalidates config file, only hardcoded yet)
- Added joystick support to US_LineInput used for highscore names
and save games
- Added US_Printf and US_CPrintf (works just like printf)
- Fixed wrong surface locks/unlocks
- Added Visual C++ 6 support
- Removed some useless VW_WaitVBLs (Thanks to TexZK)
- Added some asserts in id_vl.cpp to check for screen access out of bounds
- Fixed BJ face popping up in fullsize mode sometimes
(Thanks to Andy_Nonymous)
- Rewrote page manager to support page >= 64kB
and to correctly handle sounds >= 4kB
- Improved SOD mission packs support (Thanks to fackue)
- Updated Code::Blocks search paths to ..\SDL-devel\
- Added version.h to Dev-C++ and Code::Blocks project file
- Fixed some files being read in text mode on MinGW

Wolf4SDL v1.4 (released 2008-03-10, revision 164)
- Added MinGW/MSYS compatibility
- Updated Code::Blocks project
- Updated Dev-C++ project and added a README-devcpp.txt
- Fixed some busy waiting situations
- Added directional 3D sprites support (USE_DIR3DSPR)
- Added support for Spear mission packs (by fackue)
- Added support for Wolf3D full v1.1 and shareware v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2
- Added shading support (USE_SHADING)
- Added object flags (see objflag_t enum in wl_def.h)
- Reintroduced version.h
- Increased MAXVISABLE from 50 to 250
- Added outside atmosphere features (USE_STARSKY, USE_RAIN, USE_SNOW)
- Added cloud sky support (USE_CLOUDSKY)
- Added support for SoD demo
- Fixed SoD on systems with case sensitive filenames
- Added DarkOne's/Adam's multi-textured floors/ceiling (USE_FLOORCEILINGTEX)
- Added parallax sky support (USE_PARALLAX define)
- Introduced level feature flags (USE_FEATUREFLAGS define)
- Added high resolution support (USE_HIRES define)
- Added support for music > 64 kB as supported by WDC
- Added --samplerate and --audiobuffer parameters
- Added support for GP2X (ARM processor, thanks to Pickle)
- Added support for Dreamcast (SH-4 processor, thanks to fackue)
- Added joystick support (up to 32 buttons)

Wolf4SDL v1.3 (released 2008-01-20, revision 113)
- Added parameter for SOD to disable copy protection quiz
- F12 now also grabs the mouse (for keyboards without scrolllock)
- Fixed out of bounds array access in key processing

Wolf4SDL v1.2 (released 2008-01-09, revision 108)
- Fixed fading for 'End Game'
- Corrected fading speed
- Added Spear of Destiny compile support
- Reimplemented palette file (Sorry...)
- Fixed end game crash, when player did not die yet
(Thanks to Agent87 for noticing this bug!)
- Added full size screen feature
- Added project files for Code::Blocks and Dev-C++
(Thanks to Codetech84!)
- Made it MinGW compatible
- Fixed demo fading issues
- Reformatted many source code files
- Resolved all warnings reported by VC++ 8 and GCC
- Fixed crash when starting the game with no sound >effects<
(Thanks to Agent87 for noticing this bug!)
- Always grab mouse when started in fullscreen
- Map left and right alt, shift and ctrl keys to the same keys
- Fix numpad keys with numlock off
- Fixed a buffer overflow causing a crash

Wolf4SDL v1.1 (released 2007-12-28, revision 70)
- Fixed Pause
- Fixed IN_Ack()
- Added command line parameters for windowed mode and screen resolution
- Reimplemented command line parameters (try --help)
- Improved scaled "Get Psyched" progress bar graphic
- Improved scaled screen borders
- Fixed "Fade in black screen" bug
- Avoid asserts when shutting down with an error
- Use software surfaces to reduce problems with palette on Windows
- Windows: Statically links to MSVCR80.DLL now to avoid missing files

Wolf4SDL v1.0 (released 2007-12-26, revision 53)
- Initial release

Wolf4SDL is an open-source port of id Software's classic first-person shooter
Wolfenstein 3D to the cross-platform multimedia library "Simple DirectMedia
Layer (SDL)" (http://www.libsdl.org). It is meant to keep the original feel
while taking advantage of some improvements mentioned in the list below.

Main features:

- Cross-plattform:
Supported operating systems are at least:
- Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows7 (32/64 bit)
- Linux
- BSD variants
- KallistiOS (used for Dreamcast)
Only little endian platforms like x86, ARM and SH-4 are supported, yet.

- AdLib sounds and music:
This port includes the OPL2 emulator from MAME, so you can not only
hear the AdLib sounds but also music without any AdLib-compatible
soundcard in near to perfect quality!

- Multichannel digitized sounds:
Digitized sounds play on 8 channels! So in a fire fight you will
always hear, when a guard opens the door behind you ;)

- Higher screen resolutions:
Aside from the original 320x200 resolution, Wolf4SDL currently
supports any resolutions being multiples of 320x200 or 320x240,
the default being 640x400.
Unlike some other ports, Wolf4SDL does NOT apply any bilinear
or similar filtering, so the graphics are NOT blurred but
pixelated just as we love it.

- Fully playable with only a game controller:
Wolf4SDL can be played completely without a keyboard. At least two
buttons are required (shoot/YES and open door/NO), but five or more
are recommended (run, strafe, ESC).

Additional features:

- Two additional view sizes:
Wolf4SDL supports one view size using the full width of the screen
and showing the status bar, like in Mac-enstein, and one view size
filling the whole screen (press TAB to see the status bar).

- (Nearly) unlimited sound and song lengths:
Mod developers are not restricted to 64kB for digitized sounds and
IMF songs anymore, so longer songs and digitized sounds with better
quality are possible.

- Resuming ingame music:
When you come back to the game from the menu or load a save game, the
music will be resumed where it was suspended rather than started from
the beginning.

- Freely movable pushwalls:
Moving pushwalls can be viewed from all sides, allowing mod developers
to place them with fewer restrictions. The player can also follow the
pushwall directly instead of having to wait until the pushwall has left
a whole tile.

- Optional integrated features for mod developers:
Wolf4SDL already contains the shading, directional 3D sprites,
floor and ceiling textures, high resolution textures/sprites,
parallax sky, cloud sky and outside atmosphere features, which
can be easily activated in version

====== PLAY NOTES =========

Just download and unzip using 7zip.

Launch the game by double-clicking "Launcher.exe"

The main menu for Wolfenstein 3D and Spear of Destiny levels will be shown. Manuals and Level Maps and Game Info will all be accessible.

Choose a screen size and your all set. Play Wolfenstein 3D as it was meant to be played.

Game credit and creations goes to the original creators and designers.

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thanks TimeKiller for the upload very fun game old but still a great game
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