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Nintendo NES mod: pal A & pal B games with the same console

Postby maario » Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:12 pm

hi peeps! this is not a thread to ask for help, but rather to give a couple of pointers: many of you probably know that you can mod a nintendo nes in such a way that you can play both PAL A and PAL B games.

well, i did it and it works. and i'm an extremely clumsy person. So, for anyone who might want to try it (at your own risk, but it's definitely feasible).

1. FOR WHOM. This is for European (or also Australian) users of Nintendo NES.

2. WHY. In Italy and Great Britain (and Australia) were sold the NES consoles PAL A. Everywhere else in Europe, the consoles were PAL B.

You can't play a PAL A game on a PAL B console and viceversa.

Unless you remove a pin inside the console which prevents you from doing it: the PAL A and PAL B consoles are exactly the same, except for this lockout chip.

once you remove it, you will be able to buy a PAL A game and play it on a PAL B console, and viceversa.

which is very useful now that NES games are relatively rare and increasingly expensive.

3. VIDEO. there are tons of videos out there, which are much better than any video i could do.

so I'll just link one of them, the one I used as a guide for me (thanks to youtube user mrmeowmix2300 for it).

4. TIPS. this guide is very thorough. the only one thing I can add: make a photo of the screws next to their place right after you remove them, so once you have to put the screws in place again, you will know where each goes (as they are not all of the same length).

Also, the item I used to remove the pin was the smallest screwdriver I had at home (0.2 cm of diameter).

5. HOW LONG will it take? It took me 2 hours and 15 minutes.

I hope this helps someone.
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