Dreamcast and Dosbox help

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Dreamcast and Dosbox help

Postby kremiso » Mon Mar 13, 2017 5:58 pm

Hi people of TIZ!
I was trying to use the Dreamcast port of Dosbox (0.60)
First try : FAILURE ! (i put inside Need for Speed SE)
the 0.60 version don't admit the IMGMOUNT command... :cry:
Anyone here around have already used that emulator to share any type of advices ?
For second test i was thinking Descent (i'll loved that game...) but i don't know
if this game also have only partial installation (need also cd game)
Help !
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Re: Dreamcast and Dosbox help

Postby Epaminondas » Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:47 pm

You won't be able to play Descent, my friend, that game is really power hungry, and it needed a very fast 486 or a Pentium in order to perform correctly. DOSbox v0.74 (not ported to the DC so far), is reported to perform like a 386SX on a 350mhz Pentium II... More or less the raw computing power of the SH4 200mhz RISC CPU inside the DC.

I have the v0.60 DOSbox version for DC somewhere around, and i gave it a go a couple of years ago, but i wasn't able to correctly configure the emulator in order to use a "hard disk", so i gave up.

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