8 Amazing Things You Can Make With 3D Printers


By now, you are certainly aware of the fact that 3D printing is a technology that is available to all. However, you might not be familiar with all the creations that it allows us to make. In fact, you’re most likely to be surprised at the range of items that can be built with the help of this ever-changing technology. Keep on reading to learn more about 3D printers and the amazing creations they afford us to make.

How are these creations made?

First of all, a 3D printer is necessary. The good news is that the market now has a variety of affordable models suited for all budgets. In order for these creations to come to life, you also need 3D CAD software that can help you create a template or, alternatively, you can look for a free design online. However, something you cannot neglect is the materials used to create a 3D print. These are called filaments and, according to Ink Station, there are many different types to choose from, with the most common being ABS, PVA, PLA, and nylon 3D printing filaments. All of them have different properties so it’s important to pick the right type for the project. So, what is it that 3D printers can make?

1. Prosthetics

The use of 3D printers in creating various kinds of prosthetics is increasing by the day. The ability to create limbs by relying on the 3D printing technology has allowed many people to get a prosthetic that looks much more real and fits far better. Moreover, they are easier to make than traditional ones and they also cost less. From fingers to arms and legs, there is a high degree of customization, which is something a lot of individuals welcome. For instance, kids outgrow their prosthetics really quickly so getting a new one that is affordable can be of immense help. Plus, this means that people can have several prosthetics and swap them when they want to.

Source: All3DP

2. Organs

While there is still a lot of progress to be made when it comes to creating skin, tissue and organs that can be used for transplantation, 3D printers are being used to create replicas of body parts. In this way, doctors can come up with a plan for various surgeries and they will not need to use cadavers. These accurate models can also be used in schools to teach students about anatomy. What is more, a Japanese company offers its clients a 3D print of their fetus instead of an ultrasound picture.

3. Houses

Healthcare is not the only field where 3D printing technology found its place. Building homes is also made much more affordable and sustainable with this approach as the materials can be recycled. Houses can be made in just two days for around $10,000, as we can see in the example set by New Story and Icon. Another company created 10 houses in a single day by using an industrial-sized 3D printer. These houses can be expected to last for over 60 years if treated properly. Seeing as how this technology is constantly evolving, it might be used to solve the homelessness issue across the world.

Source: 3Dnatives

4. Cars

Believe it or not, there are even 3D printed vehicles. Companies have started producing parts and assembling cars that are very affordable and lightweight, such as the LSEV. This approach also makes finding parts for other automobiles easier as one can simply find the specifics and print out the part they need. Making replicas and doing restorations is also much easier to do with 3D printing.

5. Clothes

Even with so many retailers and fast-fashion companies, it’s still possible that one cannot find the right garment for their outfit. By using a 3D printer, a completely new piece of clothing can be made in a matter of hours. From pants and skirts to shirts and swimwear all the way to cosplay items, the size, color, and pattern of each piece can be customized to fit someone’s needs. Best of all, 3D printed clothing can be recycled which means that it can be reused plenty of times.

Source: Inhabitat

6. Food

Seeing as how one can choose the materials they use for their creations, food can also be made with 3D printers. By using edible materials, we are able to make dishes such as pizza but some other healthier, more nutritious foods as well. Plus, the heated printing plate (integral in the design) helps cook the food. Keeping in mind that NASA is already relying on this technology to provide its astronauts with food, we can look forward to this approach potentially ending world hunger.

7. Musical instruments

3D printing can also be used to make various musical instruments. From printing an entire instrument like a violin or a saxophone to making certain functional parts of instruments or decorations, options abound. What is more, there are instructions online on how to make these pieces that can really leave one breathless. This technology also allows individuals to create replicas of instruments used by famous musicians and proudly display them in their homes.

Source: Sculpteo

8. Home décor

Other than musical instruments, 3D printing can make so many more home décor pieces. From interestingly shaped vases and coffee mugs to light fixtures and various sculptures, home décor can easily be taken to the next level. Moreover, people can even make 3D figurines of their children’s drawings and turn them into toys for their little ones.

With each passing day, it seems that 3D printing is offering the public something new and exciting. Those listed above are just some of the amazing things this new technology has afforded. The truth is, with just our imagination as the limit, the options for 3D printing are countless.