6 Competitive Advantages of Rapid Application Development


When we think about application development, we want our programs, codes, and software to be better, so that it’s easy for people who use them. Every programmer knows that the main issue that occur include the costs, the time spent on programming and people who don’t have enough knowledge and technical skills. For a while, everyone used the waterfall system, and even though it is a good way of working, it still has a lot of problems. Nowadays, more and more people are adapting to the use of rapid application development or RAD.

This methodology is said to have made a huge impact on developing the apps, and because of it, there are ways to go around or fix the main issues that may occur. This method combines iterative delivery and rapid prototyping. In this article, we are going to tell you more about the competitive advantages of RAD and how they impact the software development and the overall market.

1. Faster Coding

Every programmer knows how hard it is to manually code software. RAD is helping developers reuse the code they have previously written with some minor changes.

The deliverable can be put in scripts, and all of this reduces time and makes the whole project easier and cheaper. To fully create one software, developers may need months, and when they are able to reuse code and scripts, this time can be dramatically reduced.

The changes can be incorporated with ease, and if there is a mistake, it can be noticed faster. With this method, we end up with better software, fewer bugs and issues, and satisfied customers.

2. Measure your progress

Source: The Genius Blog

With this type of programming, you will always be able to measure the progress you have. This is extremely important if you want to know if you are going to hit the deadline or if you are behind schedule.

With this upgrade, companies will be able to act faster, catch mistakes in the early stages, and when marketing strategies are needed, they can quickly respond to the needs of the customers. RAD is revolutionizing the programming and app development, and it is helping companies advance.

3. Project delivery

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When a client wants the developer to build a new program, they usually expect a really fast turnaround time and they want to get their product as soon as possible.

Traditional waterfall system was relatively hard, programmers have to work on one task at a time. With RAD, everything can be divided into smaller tasks and projects, and several developers can work on their own tasks at the same time. The statistic shows that with this model, the delivery time is 67% faster, and you can click here if you want to learn what is the ideal condition for development using a RAD model.

When the software needs to be tested, things can be checked at the same time, without any drawbacks. This reduces the time, and the completed program can be delivered really fast. The final application will most likely be error-free, and this guarantees client satisfaction.

4. Changes

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When we create something new, the final product and what the client expected may be different. With the use of traditional models, it is hard to make changes fast without compromising the whole software. When we use the waterfall system and we have to change things, the developers need to go back and pretty much discard everything they’ve done.

When the RAD model is used, there is no direct management process, so every person working on their separate tasks can change things with ease and without compromising anything. The new changes will not affect the end product in a bad way, and only the differences will apply.

This saves a lot of time, money and manpower. Also, things can be done fast, efficiently and with ease.

5. Feedback

Source: Exude, Inc.

Every delay in the application programming can result in an unsuccessful project or an unhappy client. Another big problem with the delays is that everyone is rushing to sell an idea on the market, and if you are not the first one to do that, your competitors will use that to their advantage.

One of the worst things that can happen is someone else using your idea and releasing a new product days before you were able to do the same. The reason for that is, your competitors were faster.

With rapid application development, things can get done fast and that’s not all! The module that’s used can analyze the consumers, give you feedback and you can incorporate that data to create something better for users. This way, you will not only deliver the product on time, but you will also be able to make your customers happier than your competition.

6. Incorporation

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Every part and module of the project or application that is being developed is integrated from the start to finish. This means that every programmer checks the details of their work and checks if everything will be synced in the final product. This synergy allows developers to create software with components that perfectly work together.

At the end of the process, the whole application is integrated and it is checked to see if there are any mistakes, errors, or bugs. The fact that things are being checked several times makes the finished program better.

The RAD module is not an easy way of programming, even though the process itself is not complicated for people who know what they are doing. If you want to incorporate this into your development company, you should know that this module requires really skilled developers.

If you have a smaller size project, then this is not the right system for you to go with. RAD is mostly used for a big project that can easily be split into several smaller tasks. If you want to have a successful software, then you need to make sure you are going to be able to collect the needed data for feedback. As we mentioned, that feedback is crucial if you want to end up with something that the users will appreciate.