10 Most Durable Outdoor Cannabis Strains 


One of the main characteristics of cannabis is the fact that it is a highly durable plant that has the privilege to grow in different climate areas. However, even though this is true, we can not neglect that there are some cannabis strains or varieties of cannabis such as the thin mints strain that are more adaptable for growing outdoors than others.

Since many people are not introduced to this topic, we prepared an article that will help you decide which strains are ideal if you want to grow cannabis outdoors.

Why it is important to choose the right strain when growing cannabis outdoors?

Source: leafwell.com

So, what kind of benefits you can get by selecting specific cannabis strains for growing outdoors? You should know that growing speed is not the only relevant feature. It is more important for the plant to come with a productive feature, to have a good aroma, and additionally it needs to provide a highly positive effect when it is consumed. The plant also needs to have a good natural resistance to weather conditions and pests. Now, let’s see some examples of cannabis strains that are durable.

Honey Cream Fast Flowering

This plant comes from Spain where it is extremely popular because of its significant characteristics such as sweetness and creamy aroma. However, the good news is that it can grow anywhere which means that it is durable. When it comes to the flowering time of this plant, it is quite short since it needs only six weeks to make a good strain, no matter what kind of weather conditions are.

However, if you want to get the greatest effect, we suggest you grow it in July and August because in this period the plant can receive a good amount of sunlight which will help it to bulk faster. Additionally, you will already have buds in September to use. Along with the features of short flowering and amazing flavor, this plant comes with a great background.

Speedy Chile Fast Flowering

When it comes to this plant, it is also very popular because it combines genetics for Early Skunk and Chile Indica landraces. This is important because its genetics allows it to flower very quickly. More precisely, 42 days are required for flowering. However, you should know that this plant needs light. These strains produce high THC levels and they have amazing flavor.

Northern Light

This one is considered a real cannabis classic. It is created from eleven different seeds of Afghan and Thai genetics which is pretty amazing. Even though the exact genetics is still a mystery, these cannabis strains are highly popular and awarded for their features.

This is a great outdoor strain that will grow over 2m under the sun. With access to light and the right nutrition, they will have amazing effects. Additionally, this is the perfect strain for those who are looking for a solution that will help them relax instantly and have a nice and peaceful sleep. Whether you decide to smoke it or vape it, you will have the opportunity to enjoy incredible citrus, fruit, and spice flavors.