Learning a New Language Through the Internet – 2024 Guide

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In past years our methods of learning have shifted in a way. Yes, we are still going to schools and we are still learning traditionally but we have also found a lot of ways to ease our efforts greatly.
All of you heard this saying at least once – You worth as much as you know. Learning is an integral part of us as human beings. Learning is everything, our existence is conditioned by learning. You learn to walk, sleep, find food, shelter, protect yourself, you learn to communicate. We learn to live; it all comes down to that.

If you want to survive, amongst things that are implied, you have to learn to communicate and communication has gone a long way since cave people. We know have different languages, dialects, a combination of spoken and sign communication. This is why knowing at least a few other languages besides your native one gives you an advantage over everyone else, whether survival or business advantage.

Now as I mentioned above, learning takes place in schools, colleges, universities but since the technology advanced so much and since our needs have changed greatly we can now opt to learn certain things, like a new language online. Online language learning is nothing too complicated. Most state that it can be easier than one learned in school. Today we will tell you a bit about how to learn a new language online, so stick with us!


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Learning anything new on the internet can be fun. You all know by now that there are countless videos on different DIY stuff, tutorials for pretty much anything, as well as an app for almost everything. The Internet allows you to be a bit creative in searching for what you need and this process of searching is also a part of your learning and broadening of your knowledge. When it comes to a new language, learning online isn’t that hard. Today you can hire a teacher online for a personal course via video link. You can pay for tutorials on how to learn and what to learn in a new language. As I already mentioned apps are abundant all around that can help you learn a new language in a certain amount of time.

Now learning a few things online is OK but we all know that if you manage to learn some of the vocabularies, perfecting it will mean that you have to go out and speak it more and more so your ears and your brain can pick up on small details and refine them. Theory and grammar will get you so far, conversation is what polishes the entire thing.

Trial and error

Traditional learning much like an online one works on a trial and error basis. Traditional one differs only in one thing if you do good you get a better grade if you do bad you get a bad grade. This is something online learning does not have and here you have to push yourself to learn something if you need it and if you like it. Grades are often not the true pointer of someone’s knowledge and they can be a mood killer for most people. Having the choice of learning when you want how you want without pressure and without the constant feeling that you will fall behind eases a big burden and allows you to learn quickly and hassle-free. Now I am not saying that you should ditch school and learn everything online and on the internet that is not how things work, but if you already went through education and need something to add to your bio, or if you love something and didn’t have a chance to pursue it through regular education, by all means, have at it.


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Learning stuff online through paid or free courses, seminars, apps allow you to have access to knowledge wherever you are. Think of it as not being anchored to only one place where you can learn that particular thing that interests you. You can learn on the go on your laptop, tablet or phone and all you need is headphones and some peace. There was a study I came across some time ago that said that certain individuals thrive when they are alone. Their learning experience is better when they can devote themselves to the thing they are trying to master. Having to isolate yourself in a cottage in the woods to learn Spanish, for instance, is not ideal for everyone but there certainly are people who could benefit from this, and to those kinds of people these types of learning are all they need.

Access to content

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Learning something online, a new language, in this case, means that you also have to have access to the content in that language. Internet is great for those things and having access to books or any other kind of written or video content in Spanish or German, for instance, means that you will get fully immersed in what you are learning. Immersion, as I already mentioned, means that you can learn both theoretically and practically and with that, you can fully round up your experience and learn faster. As already mentioned having theoretical knowledge of a language and its grammar gets you nowhere because if you don’t use it with natives then it is all for nothing. I remember a few of my friends that fully understood and knew the grammar of the German language but couldn’t’ use it properly and form a proper sentence because they lack the conversational skill and lack the skill to listen and pick up just how the natives form sentences. My grammar was never that good but my sentencing and my ability to speak the language was way above theirs. This is why a full immersion in something is important and this is exactly what you get with online access to a new language whether through an app or regular internet searches.

In the end, I just want to state that the popular disbelief of our parents and our teachers regarding learning anything online is unjustified. There are things you can learn this way, especially when it comes to a new language, but it has to be done in a combination with regular education, or after regular education for even better results. I say this because there are a plethora of false things you can learn online and that is thanks to people who chose to abuse the power of the online world instead of choosing to make it even better. With this said be careful where you learn things and chose what sites you visit or which apps you use and for what purposes.