6 New Tech Innovations That Could Be on Your Next Car – 2024 Guide

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Cars have always been a special member of one’s family. They have their own utilities like efficient locomotion and transportation. Now, imagine if this can be enhanced. There are so many new futuristic innovations that can be attached to cars now which makes driving nearly effortless.

While big companies like Tesla, Ford, etc. are coming out with amazing cars, Nissan also has released Nissan Almera which is a new model fitted with so many modernistic features!

What are a few new tech innovations that have been released and taken the car industry by storm? Here are the top 6 innovations that give a very futuristic touch to your car!

1. Electric Vehicles

img source: technyl.com

This has been the new sensation in the car industry. Tesla has been the pioneer of electric vehicles in the world. Nio, Ford, Volkswagen are all catching up fast. This reduces the fossil fuel consumption rate thus, helping the environment. The price may be high, and some people may argue that electricity is being consumed, but these cars run to utmost smoothness and perfection.

The focus is on building more renewable energy grids for charging and the aim is to completely replace diesel or petrol run transportation.

EVs can easily integrate software and AI elements more easily in their vehicular systems. Hence, this is more used. In a single charge, the vehicles can run many miles. This is fast catching on in the world and is getting immensely popular.

2. Complete Autonomy

This is a revolutionary step to make vehicles completely self-driving without the need for drivers. These vehicles are called Autonomous Vehicles (AV) and are slowly getting considered in everyday transportation. This would help in efficient delivery times of goods, will not have delays in services like post or driving, and will ensure safety by avoiding accidents.

This autonomy is given to vehicles by enhancing it with advanced recognition technologies, AI-enhanced vision, and efficient navigation that helps in safe driving. Some companies like Intvo have developed pedestrian behavior prediction technology that detects objects to avoid any accidents. Udelv is another company that developed a program for last-mile deliveries. It navigates the location safely and sends notifications when it arrives near the drop-off point.

3. Enhanced Connectivity

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As vehicles have stopped relying on keys for starting, they show car verifies the driver’s identity and starts which is safe and secure. The car verifies the driver’s identity and starts. This has been seen in smart car technologies where unlocking and locking could be done by using the phone. Any information of the vehicle can now easily be accessed, like the insurance, driver safety, fleet management, car details, maintenance and servicing periodicity, etc. This not only helps the customer but also gives a clear view of the whole mobility ecosystem.

Apart from this, there are technologies that give you a thorough input on traffic in certain areas, and give you a roadmap of city roadways and routes which allow you to drive easily. This program is NoTraffic and is an AI traffic redirection platform designed to help drivers navigate traffic jams.

4. Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)

Vehicles are now going to be interconnected, thanks to futuristic technology. Shared mobility is a concept fast catching on to minimize the use of excess vehicles. It integrates services and needs of any business with driving thus reducing unnecessary vehicles. This reduces the waiting times for any vehicle and lowers pollution contribution. This feature will not follow the principles of traditional vehicle ownership.

The program Launch Mobility based in the US encourages free-floating car-sharing with advanced shuttle services, keyless rental programs, dockless scooters, and peer-to-peer shared mobility. There would be a control dashboard that can seamlessly connect the fleet and help maneuver them to the destined locations. This has already been used in controlling e-scooters for public rides and connects the registration to an app. This allows anyone to access the scooters for driving.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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This has been a revolutionary step for cars. Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in vehicles has been quite the game-changer. This has been included in self-driving cars, fleet management, driver assistance, navigation, manufacturing, inspections and insurance, and even managing documentation. This has been used in industries to give a boost to manufacturing. RevitsOne is one such AI-powered fleet management software that keeps a track of all the models. There would be a voice virtual assistant who would help them keep a track of all the information that they would need.

Some advanced AI also helps develop some mobility solutions by contributing to constructing 3D perception, localization, and control. It even saves data in the cloud. This helps the whole driving experience in a certain location or place to the next level.

6. Human-Machine Interface

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With so much development in the machine-related aspects, the human-machine interface should also be a huge factor that has to be improved. When self-driving cars are introduced, there should be a small part where the drivers interact with the cars too.

This interface is enhanced by voice-based or haptic feedback which is used to steer the vehicles. The extent of how much a driver controls the vehicle is decided by the human-machine interface. This aspect includes virtual assistants who can update you promptly about any issues that can arise. There are programs like advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) which combine AR, smart cameras, and other advanced visual equipment that helps navigate turns, curves, slopes, and other tricky roads. This ensures the safety of the driver and helps prevent collisions.


There are way more innovations and inventions than the ones listed above. There are other futuristic ideas like 3D printing of automobile parts that hastens construction of the models, thus increasing production. The development of composite materials has also been a key factor. This has led to revolutionary materials that improve the performance and maintenance of the car. These cars with all these features may just be released in the near future, and could possibly end up being bought by you!

The new tech innovations have certainly created a huge ripple in the automobile industry, and this is just the beginning. The car industry is an ever-growing industry and there is so much potential in its field.