Everything You Should Know About Mobile Game Development in 2024


Mobile gaming is popular today. But its popularity is not an event of one day or even year. Mobile gaming is in great demand for the last 5-6 years, and its traction is increasing day by day at an exponential rate. Numerous users of different ages obtain powerful gadgets that require an immediate installation of the game of their interest only. It is not a surprise that mobile game development services are on-trend in 2024.

The rapid growth of demand among users on amusement apps for pocket screens forced the establishment of game development outsourcing companies that make a specialty out of creating such exciting virtual experiences.

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Mobile Game Development in 2024

Not only big corporations that produce digital products for gamers require qualitative mobile dev services. The main idea of each respected game development company provides a wide range of accessible options for entrepreneurs, publishers, and namely other dev staff. For example, one of the most sought-after technologies nowadays is Unity. Using these tech solutions is a must for most top-ranking agencies that can become a reliable assistant when it comes to mobile game creation.

2020 is one more year of extremely significant progress in digital techniques and tendencies. Most flagship development studios try to adopt the latest trends and enlarge their services immediately, having taken a focus on key platforms, users’ demands, and expectations. The list of available types of gaming projects should be unlimited as well. The hottest trend for any successful and renowned mobile game development agency in 2024 is to keep up with innovations that become accessible on the modern digital market.

Hot-Topic Trends to Take into Account

Let’s take a look at the main trends that are worth attention. Each one will be described in detail to see the reason to take into account the dev specialists, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who make a specialty out of the mobile gaming industry.

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Key Platforms

The mobile game development industry requires various aspects to take into consideration at a time. For example, it is necessary to provide actual designing solutions and dev services for all the most wide-spread platforms. This way apps will be on-demand and often-installed both by newcomers and reckless gamers.

Besides different entries among digital platforms for mobile game development, two one are widely used and deserve focused attention. Most pocket screens are Android or iOS based. So these two platforms should be taken into account first. Now, we do not speak about hot entries like portable gaming consoles with unknown system characteristics.

Both high-qualityAndroid games development and creation of designing and dev solutions for iOS gadgets take place if the staff can produce various mechanics and not be limited in the type of digital product. For instance, Internet surfers can count on:

  • a qualitative arcade with a well-thought concept;
  • a themed puzzle with bright backgrounds and icons;
  • a racing game with brilliant graphics.

Additionally, it is worth noting that qualitative games are created not only for entertainment purposes. The main goal of the digital product may be educational or promotional. Businessmen can advertise their brand this way and offer other commercial items or services. iOS game development is also used for gambling platform creation. This cross-functional approach makes the mobile gaming industry very prospective for the following decade.

Features of Android Game Development

  • Familiar programming language- The benefit of developing games on Android gadgets is the programming language featured-Java. Java has been one of the most popular and widely recognized programming languages worldwide. Developing android games using known language is easier.
  • Ease of game making- When it comes to making games, Android makes it easy and agile for game developers because Android is fertile with a gamut of third-party tools.
  • Low Investment- As Android is the most popular operating system worldwide. The android game development requires minimum investment, and its low investment and high returns have made it so popular among investors.
  • Least barrier ecosystem- Android ecosystem is liberal in offering Android developers full freedom to search the best tools and features to build and authentic game design with different themes.
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IOS Game Development

The latest release and updates of IPhones in today’s generation enhance the gaming experience on IOS devices. There is a fast growth of the IOS game development company, and it plays a vital role in today’s market.

The amazing features of IOS apps are attracting the younger generation, which is increasing its demand.

Benefits to opt IOS Games

  • Game Quality- Both Google and Apple have exclusive games that are smooth on Android and iPhone mobile devices. If you are an iPhone user, then more quality games will be probable.
  • Cost of games- If you are a true game lover and will not mind spending money on good games, you will love IOS. There are hundreds of games that only avail to iPhone users.
  • Quick- It is faster and easier to develop games for IOS because of the code because in Swift, Apple’s official programming language, there are fewer codes than Java. And the OS version is only two devices- IPhones and IPads.

Improved 2D/3D Graphics

Today, it is possible to create an awesome digital product with 3D and 2D graphics that will improve user experience significantly. Additionally, all the technical features of the game become better and more powerful when the visualization level is high.

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UI/UX Design

UI/UX design in gaming development is considered a trend of 2024 as well. It helps to make the interface intuitive, the interaction – highly logical. While gamers will be satisfied with their progress and everyday virtual amusement sessions for sure.

Game Development for Handheld Consoles

Modern outsourcing mobile game development is impossible without innovative solutions and techniques for pocket-screen entries on the market. Games for the latest versions of PlayStation or Xbox are top-ranking ones nowadays. People would like to experience qualitative digital products like shooters and strategic ones with unbelievable 3D assets, environments, and props on their handheld consoles.

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To Sum Up

Moreover, nowadays advanced technologies in the era of digitalization makes it real to plunge into the world of games without any difficulties. Various consoles, desktop and mobile applications, and other entertainment programs are available for Internet surfers in any corner of the world. The task of the mobile game development companies is to meet users’ requirements in full-scope while providing great services and e-products with wider gaming capabilities and experience. If you are looking to outsource game development then visit Fgfactory – A trusted software development company offering services since 2010.