6 Useful Recruiting Tools Every Hiring Manager Needs in 2024


If your job is a hiring manager, you know how complicated and complex the whole hiring process is. No matter how experienced you are and no matter how many times you have gone through the whole process, it will never get easier because every person you have contact with is different. There is so much to do. First, find the candidates, then interview them and do everything else necessary to consider them as candidates. You need to read their CV and check their history. You have to check everything from a criminal record to education and previous experience. Still, you can consider yourself lucky. We live in the digital age and something that used to take you incomparably more time, now you have the tools to help you do it. You will still invest a lot of time, according to some information every new person you hire will take you on average a month and a few thousand dollars. To make it easier for yourself, use HR tools. And we will present you the best and most useful ones.

1. Plum

Source: plum.io

If you work for a large company, every time you announce that you have a vacancy, you will get hundreds of job applications. Everyone will write the best CV they can, but it will be too tedious and time-consuming to read each one in detail. This is where Plum will benefit you. You will enter all the necessary characteristics that your future employee should have, and Plum will sort all applications according to how they correspond to the filters you specified. Also, based on all the characteristics written in the CV, Plum will suggest which candidate is the best for which position. So it will help you twice. It will first select the best candidates for you, and then it will recommend the ideal positions for them. Also, if you and other managers have different views on the ideal characteristics needed to work in a particular position, Plum will give you advice on what is most important.

2. XOR

Source: Sutori

XOR is a recruitment chatbot which is a very useful thing. Chatbots for these purposes became popular during the last year, but now they are used by more and more companies. We also recommend that you implement it. Candidates will have many questions for you and will contact you frequently. This can be an overwhelming amount of calls and messages, to which it will be impossible to answer everything. The chatbot will help you triage these messages. XOR will be available to candidates 24/7 and will try to respond as a human. Since many questions are repeated, it will be able to help the client and give him all the necessary information, without taking up your time. Only if the chatbot is not able to give an answer, then the client will be forwarded to you or someone in charge.

3. SourceHub

Source: Medium

Social networks have a very important place in today’s society, so they are very useful for recruitment. However, there are too many of them to search each one individually and then mostly all managers opt only for LinkedIn, which is the best source of potential employees, but it is not the only one. SourceHub will search all social networks for the parameters you specify, such as the location of your company and the type of job, and you will reach a significantly larger number of candidates.

4. Contact Out

Source: Contract Recruiters.

This is a very useful extension for Google Chrome which will help you if you particularly like someone and want to contact him and offer him a place in your company. This extension helps you find everyone’s email address and send them an email directly. This is a much better option than sending a message via social networks, because everyone checks the email, while perhaps the profile on the social network is entered very rarely or your message will be missed among many other messages. Also by sending an email instead of a message on the social network, you show respect and additional interest.

5. Glassdoor

Source: www.glassdoor.com

Salary is something that is most important for both the employee and the employer. The discussion about salary usually comes at the end of the recruitment process, when the topic is negotiated. To be well prepared for that part, the information you can find on Glassdoor will help you. Here you will be able to find how much each specific profession in your region earns and then you will be able to offer a realistic price. Because if you offer too low a salary, the candidate may consider it disrespectful, and if you offer too high, you will be at a loss. Glassdoor will help you get a salary estimate.

6. Gender Decoder

Source: CareerAddict

We live in a time when equality is very important. In order not to make a big mistake and use too much masculine or feminine in your job advertisement, copy your job advertisement to Gender Decoder and it will tell you if it is written in a way that is more oriented as men or women or equally. This is not only useful for you for the sake of equality, but if you want to increase the number of people of one sex who are employed by you.


With the help of all these tools, your job as a hiring manager will be significantly facilitated. In addition to being easier, you will also do a better job, which is actually the most important thing.