How to Use Modern Technologies to Improve Your Customer Service Center


Gone are the days of traditional customer service; we’re currently living in an era where everything can be modernized with the right type of technology. Customer service centers are no different from this idea. And if you don’t understand how this is possible, here’s a quick discussion on the ways you can use modern technologies to improve the overall performance of your customer service center.

Simulation training and performance tracking

To establish effective customer service, you must first find the right personnel to carry out the day-to-day operations at your service center. This, however, is easier said than done, as it’s very difficult to find the right talent needed for the job. And even when you do find the right people, you’ll eventually have to nurture them in a way that they can handle their jobs without any sort of struggles. Thus, you need to train your customer service agents and keep track of their daily performance.

Simulation training is a great way to help your agents grow and understand the daily scenarios they might have to deal with. You should push the boundaries of their skills and knowledge, and see how good they are at dealing with stress.

Apart from providing necessary training, you also need to keep track of your agents’ performances. The easiest way to do so is by keeping track of their day-to-day schedule, how many clients they’ve dealt with each day, how the clients reviewed them, and so on. Initially, you just need to collect all this data. Once every month, you or a member of your analytics team should process this data to get a clear picture of your agents’ performances.

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Modern communication technology

You can’t run a customer service center without having the right communication technology. From digital phone systems to your internet service provider, all these things need to be modernized in a way such that they can help increase the efficiency of your service center.

You can choose different communication technologies based on the size of your business. Small businesses are often seen opting for VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) systems over others. Juno Telecoms, a renowned telecom solutions provider based in the UK, explains how VoIP is more cost-effective, easy to use, and can replace the need for traditional ISDN lines.

Cloud-based VoIP systems can also facilitate mobility, meaning that service agents can now work remotely. This, as a feature, is something most of your employees will appreciate, especially in the current times where we’re having to work in a work-from-home environment.

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Artificial intelligence

Customers contact the service centers when they’re facing problems with their products or services. The main reason for reaching out to your service agents is so that they can find solutions to their problems. To do so, they’ll bombard your service team with tons of questions until they’ve found the solutions or answers they’ve been looking for, and are fully satisfied.

This exchange of questions and answers allows you to not only improve your customer support but also bring in necessary changes to your product or service such that your clients can no longer complain.

With the help of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you can feed recorded conversations between your clients and service agents to a computer, and try to find out the key or common problems that most of them inquire about. After that, you should check for the answers that satisfy them the most, and then make a solution template out of it.

Besides, you can also use this information to rethink your company’s product or service in a way such that the problem will be eliminated. Hence, as the problem itself disappears, your clients won’t feel the need to contact your support team regarding it anymore.

Source: Euronews

Data analytics

At present, data is one of the most valuable assets anyone can have. People nowadays are using data for a wide range of purposes. From predicting stock market prices to generating more website traffic, people use data for almost everything; and they have good reason to do so.

Data analytics make life a lot easier for these companies. It helps to streamline their service or production and generate necessary insights on how to improve the overall efficiency of the company. And if everyone else is doing it, there’s no reason why your customer service center shouldn’t do so too.

Once you have the necessary data on your customers and their queries, you can analyze the data and find out important details regarding your product or service.

Start by understanding the frequency of different types of queries, which will help you realize some of the more major issues with your product or service. Next, analyze the solutions they were satisfied with, and ask them to provide a valid rating for your team. Based on these analytics, you can work out ways that can help you improve your customer service center’s overall performance.

Besides, you can also use data analytics to understand the overall growth and development of your company, as well as your service center.

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Cloud-based services

Apart from cloud-based VoIP services, you should make necessary arrangements to handle all your day-to-day operations remotely via a cloud platform. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. provide some amazing cloud-based services and can help you set up your cloud for your support center.

By moving your entire operation to the cloud, you can not only save costs and resources but can outsource the whole operation or parts of it to other people from all around the world. Besides, the cloud will also allow you and your agents to handle more customer queries than before. You can even provide interactive solutions, ask the customers to share a live feed to their problems, and develop other innovative problem-solving techniques.

Thanks to modern technology, there are a lot of scopes for you to improve the efficiency of your customer service center. All you need to do is decide how you want to approach these technologies and properly utilize them.