Are Smart Self-Cleaning Swimming Pools Worth The Extra Money – 2024 Guide


The smart self-cleaning pool technology has been flooding the market with various great picks of automatized and partially automatized pools. The benefits of these pools are many, ranging from standard cleaning to special heating systems. However, these traits do spice up the price of the pool. The thing we ask ourselves here is whether the extra investment is worth it for the extra benefits. The answer to this will be given below by running through some of the benefits you’ll encounter, discerning their effect on the overall expense of the item, and offering a conclusion of its worth.

Running costs

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Running a pool costs money on its own due to it requiring electricity to run all of the various pumps that maintain it. Chemicals used to clean the water in the pool also increase the cost of running a pool, as they have to be refilled semi-frequently. This rings true for both smart self-cleaning pools and traditional pools because they both require these costs to be properly utilized.

When it comes to comparisons it’s important to note that the biggest disparity in cost comes from the cleaning system used. The two cleaning styles we usually see are those utilizing a robot cleaner and those that utilize suction cleaners. While robot doesn’t take all too long to set up they will require a power point, some setup, and depending on your pool they may require additional supervision to prevent them from getting stuck. On top of all that, they will cost you a pretty penny for both purchasing a robot cleaner and making sure it runs its course. Pools with suction cleaners take similar preparation times and more money. Both of these systems share similar issues but there’s a third option. The built-in systems of smart self-cleaning pools offer reduced running costs for both the electricity bill and the cost of the sanitation chemicals. The initial investment will slowly be paid back through cost cuts.

Time costs

Having a pool is a huge investment and not only from a monetary perspective. The incredible amount of time goes into maintaining, covering, repairing, and plenty other ways we have to look over it. While a number of these things can be done through paying other people to do it for us it’ll still take us some time out of our day to arrange labor, supervise it, and adjust any obligations you had in the yard accordingly.

With the purchase of a smart self-cleaning pool, you’ll be getting rid of a few of these troublesome timewasters. The pool will now clean itself so there’s very little time you need to put into cleaning it or contracting somebody to do it for you. Additionally, with the benefits of automatization and remote control, you won’t need to spend much time setting up the pool experience you wish to indulge in.

Heating costs

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When getting inside our pool we want to make sure the water is just the right temperature. The heating system will provide you with all the necessary adjustments to the heat of the pool. When picking between the standard pool and self-cleaning pool you’ll also be met with different mechanisms they use for heating.

The utilized mechanisms of the heating systems can affect cost. The primary reason they end up impacting the cost is due to better heat distribution. However, the heating options are available for both traditional and smart pools. One of the better heating systems utilizes a heat pump. The heat goes throughout the whole pool, reducing the amount of electricity necessary to heat water consistently.

The inherent benefits of smart self-cleaning pools

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The differences between standard and smart self-cleaning pools go past their price of running and invested time. This new technology allows for some convenient, reliable additions and improvements to the already existing capabilities of the pools.

The first and foremost benefit of a smart pool comes in the form of its self-cleaning capabilities. This benefit resolves one of the greatest struggles of pool owners worldwide, maintenance. Usually, cleaning your pool is both time and money-consuming. The amount of time it takes to properly scrub the pool is enormous, even with additional items such as cleaning robots and suction cleaners.

The benefit also comes in the form of consistently high-quality cleaning jobs that are done without any need for your investment into the process. To top it all off, the self-cleaning pool system is environmentally friendly. Making it one of the most versatile and useful systems currently on the market.

Another highly fruitful use we get from smart technology being integrated into our pools is the automatic balancing of chlorine levels. This is a very important functionality that ensures a clean and safe experience. Through constant, automatic tests our pool will manage the levels of chlorine in water, always keeping them in the optimal range of 1.0 and 3.0 ppm.

Your pool pumps’ functionality will also see a pretty hefty increase due to the upgraded functioning style smart technology brings with it. This is very important as proper flow of water as well as good circulation of cleaning chemicals is very important for both heating and sanitation. These pumps also circulate water through water purifying facilities of your pool, providing a constant stream of clean water to your pool activities.

By implementing smart technology, we achieve a high cut in the energy consumption of pool pumps, hence the reduction of running costs we mentioned earlier. However, this isn’t the only benefit we get with new technology. With the benefits of smart technology, we can freely and remotely control the speed and of any other configurations of our pool pump.

There’s also the ability to operate the lighting of the pool. The lighting around it can be both pre-programmed to automatically change or utilize remote controls to change up the current lighting. There are a lot of options in terms of lighting that can be model-specific. We recommend you check out the sites of the pool sellers to revise the plausible options for your colorful pool lighting.


After everything is said and done we can see a lot of value for money that the smart pool offers. Not to mention that it’ll end up supplementing those additional dollars we invest into its purchase by reducing costs of other expenses related to owning a pool. The longer we own it the more prominent these cuts in costs will be as we’ll be saving more and more money.

On top of that, the inherent benefits of maintaining sanitary pool conditions and proper chlorine levels make it easier to enjoy your pool time at any point without worrying about potential health issues that the improper handling of either of the two subjects could bring on. Additional benefits we’ve listed are also extremely impressive and useful. Ranging from simple streamlining of the previously present systems to completely reinventing them, actively reducing any requirements while improving functionality. Mind you, even with all the listed capabilities there are still more model-specific benefits you could happen upon.

Although even if there are none present these generic utilities are already enough to justify the price of a smart self-cleaning pool.