7 Useful Tech Gadgets to Pack for Your First Camping Trip


Camping is supposed to make us connect with nature more and allow us to reset and rewind from our busy schedules and hectic modern lifestyles. Whenever you go into untouched nature like a forest or an open field near a river or a lake, there is something magical, rewarding, and peaceful about it. People usually like camping, but there are sides to this pastime activity that are not everyone’s favorite. While it is true that you should try to bring as little of your everyday items with you since it beats the purpose of camping if you do the same thing you do at home, it hardly means that you should suffer and be left to your own wits.

Modern camping does not always mean carrying only a few tools and a sleeping bag. It is a pleasurable experience that can turn a few days in nature into a near luxurious stay while still actually camping. The way you can do that is by bringing the right things with you, things that do not include your mobile phone, speakers, computers, or anything that has a screen. Remember, useful tech gadgets for camping are supposed to help you camp and have a good time doing it, not distract you from what you came to do.

In this article, we will focus on the useful tech gadgets to pack for your first real camping trip. Since it is going to be a new experience, you have to make sure it is a memorable and pleasurable one because you will want to do it again eventually. Bad experiences turn people away so ensure positive vibes and great memories by bringing along the right stuff. Learn more about camping by visiting Glampings and let us see about those gadgets!

1. Portable Grill

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You will not always want or be able to cook your food during camping over an open fire, and that is okay. Even a makeshift grill will sometimes be insufficient. If you care about cooking and how you prepare your food, a portable grill is a thing to go for. Either charcoal or a plug-in, portable grills have taken over the camping world. Easily foldable and very light to carry around, you can pack them or carry them in hand no matter the distance and location. For a true BBQ feast, you will need a true grill, and nothing comes close to the portable varieties.

2. Portable Coffee/Espresso Maker

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Now that you have the food side of camping covered, the elixir of life that is coffee should be next. Going old school and boiling a small pot of water over an open fire, only to add coffee in it later, mix it, and drink it has its charms. You should absolutely try it. True coffee lovers though should not sacrifice their favorite beverage while camping which is why a portable espresso (or any other type of coffee) maker is a must. They are versatile, small, and easy to use. All they need to brew a cup of Joe in the beautiful morning in the hills is some water and your go-to coffee beans.

3. Pocket Blanket

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Pocket blankets come in many different shapes, sizes, and types. Some are just blankets meant for covering when it gets cold, while others can also act as picnic blankets to sit on. Whatever you need, you will be able to find an easily foldable blanket that can fit in your pocket. They are great for any type of camping, picnic, or even festival because they fit more people but are barely noticeable to pack and carry. Some even have sand pockets, stands, hooks, and holes for more versatility.

4. Solar Shower

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Yes, you read that right. There is not a portable solar camping shower that you can use to wash anything, from yourself to your dishes. It comes with a fillable water bag you can heat up using the power of the sun, and a showerhead at the other end for some home comfort in nature. It even has an on/off valve for your showering pleasure without any troubles or excess water being spilled. As long as you have enough water all of your fellow campers can have a quick refreshment out in the untouched nature. Trust us, it is an unforgettable experience and it really feels luxurious and boujee.

5. Headlights/Flashlights

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You do not want to be in the complete dark when spending time outdoors because it gets dark, really dark. The type of dark you cannot experience in the city thanks to all the light pollution we have. Therefore, you should think about bringing a quality strap-on headlight or a regular flashlight that is strong, capable, and durable enough. For example, there are not flask kits that look like regular flashlights, but it is actually a flask, a flashlight, a compass, and even a glass all in one. Numerous combinations like this exist, all made for your camping pleasure and convenience.

6. Water Filter Bottle

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You do not only need a high-quality and reliable water bottle while camping. You need one that can also purify fresh water you find and make it safe for drinking. A water filter can be a lifesaver in the open nature where there are limited supplies and means of survival. Whether it is a small straw or a true bottle that fills up and purifies water, you should absolutely have it.

7. Insect Repellents

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Portable repellers are the difference maker between an enjoyable overnight stay out near a lake or a river, and a nightmare scenario in which you are constantly waving your arms around in a desperate effort to sway away the bugs. Mosquitos and other insects thrive on camping grounds, especially deeper in the woods and on terrain close to any body of water. Therefore, do not only bring creams and sprays but a portable repeller that cover large enough zones. Those that emit DEET and scent free repellents are the best as they also cover at least a dozen feet zone for over 10 hours.