6 Technology Trends That Are Changing Digital Marketing in 2024


When it first appeared, digital marketing was another type of advertisement that businesses used to reach their clients and increase revenue. Nowadays, a decade later, this form of advertising has become a game-changer. Companies build their strategies around it because they are aware of its importance.

Because of the fact that it has become an integral part of every business, digital marketing is constantly changing and improving. This is to be expected since the technology is continually being upgraded and today, these two cannot go one without the other. Every year new trends appear that are designed to take this form of marketing to the next level, and in this article, we are going to discuss some of them.

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Source: Information Age

Augmented reality is slowly but surely paving its way into digital marketing. According to research, it is expected that the use of AR as a marketing strategy is going to greatly increase in 2024. Why? Well, simply because it can be implemented in all businesses regardless of the trade.

It provides companies with the opportunity to personalize their strategies. What’s more, they are able to create unique content to attract new customers, content that otherwise they would not be able to make.

How does it work? All a person needs is a device like a smartphone. They point it to a specific area around them and AR adds elements thus combining virtual and real. For example, IKEA uses this technology to help their customer visualize how a specific piece of furniture is going to fit into their home.

In addition, AR can also be used by retailers who are going to provide their shoppers with the opportunity to see how certain pieces of clothing would look on them, without actually trying them on. We understand why this type of advertising is so appealing to people and let’s be honest, it’s just fun.

2. Social media

Source: Social Media Explorer

This form of marketing has been on the rise in the last few years and this trend is going to continue in the future. There are so many benefits of using social media platforms for advertising your brand and merchandise.

First of all, companies have the opportunity to easily reach thousands of customers online. Just think about how many people use these platforms on a daily basis. There are numerous tricks you can use to increase the visibility of your profile such as tags and geo-location.

Furthermore, designers of these platforms understand how crucial they have become in advertising, which is why they keep on adding new features that businesses can use. For example, if you have a profile on Instagram, which you probably do, now you can post a picture of your product, and add the price and link to your website.

It is very simple so it doesn’t come as a surprise why this type of advertising has become so popular. All a person has to do is to click on the image if they like the item, and immediately they will learn about the price and where and how they can purchase or order the product. That’s it.

3. Social messaging

Source: Curate Bee

While on the subject of social media platforms, we have to mention another important trend – messaging. ot so long ago, people used messages to communicate with each other, share photos and videos, and so on. By adding this to your business marketing mix model you can quantify the the growth effects of your strategy in social media.

Meanwhile, businesses have found a way how to incorporate these into their advertising. Social messaging allows them to communicate with their customers, inform them about sales, offer special deals, and so on. Generally speaking, people want to have direct communication with businesses so they can give them their feedback or ask some questions.

Don’t forget about improving customer services. Customers have thousands of questions and they want to get answers as soon as possible. This is something that they really appreciate, so if you implement this strategy in your business, you are going to have many satisfied customers that will want to continue your collaboration in the future.

4. Emails are also changing

Source: Pinterest

Emails have been used as a marketing strategy for many, many years now. At one point, it seemed that they are not essential anymore, especially when compared with social media. Nevertheless, this is far from the truth, and these are still used as one of the main aspects of marketing.

However, these are also changing because they have to keep up with new trends. In the past, these emails only consisted of a short text or article. On the other hand, nowadays, there are created to be interactive and more appealing. Companies do not only work on improving their overall design, but they also try to make them more attractive by adding photos, videos, links, and so on. Basically, everything that can help ensure people are actually going to open the email and read the content.

5. Voice search

Source: Search Engine Land

We are all familiar with this feature and how it works. Still, you might be wondering why this trend is on our list and how it can affect your company’s marketing. Well, simply put, voice search changes the way people search for information online.

Instead of typing in short keywords, this feature has allowed users to ask questions thus use full-length words. When this happens, it has a direct effect on the ranking of your website in search engine results. The fact is that more and more people are searching the web this way because it is simply more convenient.

Because of this, you should definitely think about implementing some strategies regarding voice search because they are going to help you improve SEO. If you want to learn how else you can boost your website’s ranking visit the EZ Rankings page.

6. Videos

Source: Forbes

Even though the use of videos in digital marketing might seem odd, the reality is that this strategy is on the rise. Just like with the voice search, we can say that people have become lazy when looking for something online. Instead of typing in keywords, they simply utter the question. The same thing goes for videos.

In the past, people usually read blog posts or guides to learn what they want to know. But, nowadays, they simply put on a video and obtain the same information. Because of this, videos are now used to present new products, inform people about their features, how to use them, and so on.

Just try this strategy out and you will see that the video will have more views than the blog post, even when they are practically the same thing i.e. the content is the same.