Why You Shouldn’t Compromise On Internet Security


It’s becoming commonplace for many individuals worldwide to share information across online social mediums, add strangers, chat with them, and then the same cycle continues without ever ceasing. But along with becoming so familiar with these technological advancements, we have made our online security and privacy too vulnerable.

While now Trojans and malicious computer worms aren’t a threat to systems, they still cause major damage if left untreated for long or no relevant measures are taken at the right time.

Moreover, no, it’s not October to celebrate the cyber-security awareness month. Rather, it should be treated as a constant reminder always to fill in any potential gap of surfacing security shortcomings.

Why so much emphasis on cyber and network security? Here’s why.

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Importance of internet security

No one should ever be fine with uneven security levels. The internet is a concoction of dubious and reliable information residing into its deepest corners. If any speck of it were to be compromised, it would raise hell for no one but your own safety.

The internet is a hub of global information, and with the surging amount of users; the cybersecurity threats are gradually amplifying and are more prone to intensify if not contained on time. Never compromise on your online security but to identify it better, here are some major causing factors.

Malware and ransomware

Both malware and ransomware have been responsible for system blackouts, but now Trojans and computer worms are contained with a single anti-virus. However, these attacks are still the norm, and the relevant security protocols should be implemented at once. The easiest approach is to get a security suite from your internet provider. Many ISPs don’t offer one, but Spectrum does, so simply head to sites such as Buytvinternetphone and a representative will guide you accordingly.

With a security suite installed on your system, you will have full control of your system’s applications, files and block any dubious user or website trying to get unauthorized access to your system right away.

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Unsecure network

Your network is the most vulnerable to online attacks and hackers sneaking in. But whenever you connect to a new network, its security is probably the least of your concern. You believe you could set up a password security option later on, but most of us end up forgetting it. What happens next? Your network becomes vulnerable, and hackers get a free entry pass to its gateways. Many cyber experts advocate it, but there’s still time for every existing household or business to take this notion seriously, especially when setting up a wireless network. The solution? Make sure to update firmware and not keep any outdated wireless networks in use for a long time.

Outdated software

The prime culprit that makes a website or an operating system vulnerable is also outdated software. Many system owners believe that halting a Windows update means no harm. They can browse, game, and stream without letting the constant update notifications disturb them. That’s where they’re wrong. You are only giving hackers and online attackers a free invitation to get into your system and expose your privacy. You do not even have to invest much into this. What’s the one thing required from your end? Updating the software of your OS, smartphone and the network you’re connected to.

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Phishing becomes more refined

Nowadays, phishing has become more sophisticated as it is not limited to email links or downloading sensitive data. With the evolving technology, its forms have been evolved. It has spread to such an extent that with status updates, links in online aids, social posts can lead you to criminal portal meant to steal your financial details.

A study says that 30% of attackers use the top brand’s name of banking institutions, online stores and payment gateways to steal the money. The best way to avoid such theft is by avoiding clicking on doubtful links or logins.

Cloud and SaaS Trends

It becomes easy for the intruders to get security access with more companies moving towards “cloud”. With the culture to bring your devices on the premises, hackers have plenty of opportunities to choose the target.

The main challenge for an organization is to keep away these off-premises resources from getting access to the security and confidential information of the organization. Irrespective of the size, every business needs to ensure steps against the security breach.

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IoT Attacks

As per the study of Statista.com by 2025, the number of devices connected to the IoT will reach 75 billion. These IoT devices include manufacturing equipment, smartwatches, webcams, automobiles, medical devices, routers, and home security systems.

More connected devices mean more risk, and once IoT devices get controlled by the hacker, it can be used to create havoc, breach of financial detail and overloading of network. The best way to prevent such attacks is by using a strong password, keep firmware updated, and use comprehensive security software.

What can you do?

The next important question is when you are aware of such a grave issue, what to do is a major question that everyone should have an answer. Here are some of the safe cybersecurity practice you can opt to keep yourself safe from the rising threat:

  • Don’t open the email from untrusted sources, even if you receive any suspicious email from friends or family members, avoid it.
  • Lock your laptop whenever you are away from the workstation as anybody can make misuse of the unlocked system.
  • No free AVs are capable enough to protect you from cyber threats, so better purchase reliable anti-virus software.
  • Say no to the free VPN services as they are unable to provide you internet security. Free VPN may record the online activities that can be used against you.
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Summing up

Now you must have become well aware of all the reasons why cybersecurity is a grave issue and it shouldn’t be easily ignored. You no longer have to think it’s a hefty target to achieve. The number of cyber-attacks is certainly surging but with the right arsenal of security measures, your privacy won’t ever be at stake again.