Application of Ultrasonic Products Based on Electrostatic Technology


We live in a present era that experiences computers and advanced information technology. The future will have more advanced and sophisticated technology and inventions as time goes by. Although they have a negative side, technology does us better than harm.

Many people have embraced electrostatic technology because it offers a broader bandwidth. It has many applications, including ultrasonic sensors and products. The functionality of sensors has made the world a better place.

Even though sensors are small, they play a significant role in making lives easier. Let us discuss some of the ultrasonic products of technology and their uses. You can also visit SensComp to learn more.

1. Light Detectors


Have you ever walked into a dark room, and lights come on automatically? No switches touched. Light sensors are devices used to detect the intensity of light. Light detectors fall into the group of photosensors. Light sensors convert light energy into electrical energy.

There are various types of light sensors. These are photodiodes, photoresistors, phototransistors, and charged-couple devices. Photodiodes are the most common type that ranges from remote controls to smoke detectors. With photodiodes, the amount of light produced, and its intensity is directly proportional.

When there is lighter, the photodiodes’ resistance increases, and photoresistors can detect the presence or absence of light. The resistance of a photoresistor depends on the amount of light exposed to it. They are used in automated streetlights, clock sensors, and many more. Automatic lights help save energy because they are off when not used and only turn on when needed.

Phototransistors are used in security systems and position sensing. It is made possible by the fact that they work depending on the light that falls on them. Phototransistors are more sensitive to light. The strength of electrical energy depends on the intensity of light falling on transistors.

2. Smoke and Gas Detectors


Natural gases such as methane and carbon monoxide are harmful to human beings. Gases are dangerous as they cannot be seen and are hardly smelt. Because of this, most public offices have devices that can detect leakage of these gases. It is necessary to have such devices to avoid situations where workers succumb to death due to inhalation of poisonous gases.

Photodiodes are present in smoke detectors. Factories and kitchens, especially hotels and restaurants, have smoke detectors. These are facilities where people are busy running errands and working and hence might be difficult for someone to detect smoke.

Where there is smoke, there certainly is fire. The smoke detectors can alert you if the smoke levels rise above normal. It will help you warn people to evacuate the premises before too late. It is also advantageous as it helps put out the fire before it spreads.

People should install these detectors in their homes to ensure a safe living environment. There are various ultrasonic smoke detectors that you can invest in for your homes. Examples are ionization smoke sensors that can detect visible and invisible smoke and photoelectric that senses visible smoke.

3. Measure Proximity


Ultrasonic sensors are used in innovative parking applications. Competent parking solution providers also use these sensors to improve the quality of service. Smart parking is a strategy combining electrostatic technology and human innovation to develop a fast and easy parking experience.

How often have you hit an obstacle when parking? It isn’t easy to pass a driving test without proximity sensors in a car. When parking a vehicle, you may need to reverse a little or vice versa so that your car fits in a suitable space. If you are not keen enough, you will likely hit your bumper on the wall or any other obstacles.

It is essential that you buy a car with proximity sensors or install one in your vehicle. These sensors tell you how far you are when parking your car. They inform you how close an obstacle is without the need to touch. The most common proximity sensors are sound, magnetite, and optical. It can be used in airplanes, industries, and mobile phones. Airplanes and phones can measure proximity or the distance to a place even when visiting for the first time.

4. Real-life Application

We have all experienced the benefits of having ultrasonic products based on electrostatic technology. You can find these devices in cars, hospitals, and offices. There are cases where doors are automatically opened for you once they sense you want to get in or go out.

Another sensor is faucets; they automatically turn on. Taps can embarrass you in new places. Automatic faucets allow individuals to wash their hands without turning on the tap. All you have to do is place your hands below the tap, and water comes gushing out. Faucets help conserve water because they turn on only when one needs to wash their hands. There are also no leakages with automatic taps.

Not all parents share a bed with their infants. Some put the babies in a cradle and go about their business. Next to the cradle is a sound monitor that alarms you in case the baby cries. It is tiresome to do house chores while carrying a baby, so it is placed on a rocking chair or its cradle with the sensor.

Our phones are also ultrasonic products. The screen brightens depending on the amount of light that falls on it. The strength of electrical energy in the phone depends on the intensity of light that will fall on it. Click here to read more.



It is best to gather all the information about ultrasonic products based on electrostatic technology. Sensors are found everywhere, whether in hospitals, homes, offices, or cars. They help in automation and measuring things like proximity. Sensors are small but work in big gadgets. The points discussed above are just a few uses or applications of ultrasonic products.

Intelligent sensor systems are beneficial, and everyone is encouraged to buy them as they provide security, save lives, and improve the quality of life. Electrostatic technology is the future. As you buy any ultrasonic products, check to ensure it is of good quality, affordable and durable.