How To Make Your Work’s Christmas Party In The Office Go With A Bang!


Whether you are an employee who has been tasked with arranging the work’s Christmas party for yourself and your colleagues, or else the company manager or department leader who wants to reward your employees for all their hard work and dedication over the last few turbulent years, a Christmas party should be entertaining, lively and full of food and drink.

With that being said, continue reading to discover some top tips on how to make your work’s Christmas party in the office go with a bang!

Cater For Everyone!


One of the most important elements of a successful Christmas party is the food you provide for the guests.

There are two options for organizing the food, both of which are excellent ways of ensuring that every single employee is catered for, both in terms of the types of food they enjoy and checking any dietary requirements and any allergies are taken care of.

Asking every guest to bring one homemade, or shop-bought, dish, dessert or plate of nibbles will result in an eclectic food table that will certainly be a talking point (particularly if someone experienced a slight baking disaster). Alternatively, asking people to let you know of any food preferences, or conversely of any foodstuffs they cannot eat will afford you the ability to create a relatively affordable yet incredibly delicious buffet table for the center of the room.



Dependent entirely on the size of your department and the types of personalities and confidence levels of your employees or colleagues, there is a wide plethora of different games and activities you can safely play together in the office environment that will be as hilarious as they will be entertaining.

If your workforce is on the smaller side, you could organize a murder mystery night (think Michael Scott in The US Office), which is both entertaining and great for breaking any proverbial ice.

Other fabulous entertainment and games you could organize for the work’s Christmas party include:

  • Christmas Holiday Bingo
  • Christmas Tree Decorating
  • Cocktail Making Competition
  • Gingerbread House Building Competition
  • Guess The Christmas Carol Competition
  • Pin The Face On the Elf (always a classic)
  • Christmas Holiday Scavenger Hunt
  • Christmas holiday Karaoke Competition

Additionally, a secret Santa gift exchange is absolutely brilliant fun!

The Booze!


Another fundamental element of planning a work’s Christmas function is supplying enough booze (and soft drinks, naturally) to ensure each and every one of the guests’ glasses are never empty.

Hands down the best option is to contact a professional, established and renowned event bartender service, who will provide an excellent and tailor-made service for the entirety of your night.

You can specify exactly the kind of service you would like for the party, choose each drink selection and price point and perhaps most importantly, you can even request that the event bartending staff wear Christmas jumpers to match your colleagues or employees.