10 Books on Artificial Intelligence for Beginners 2024


AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an essential branch of engineering that helps in creating high-quality intelligent machines. These are a special set of instructions that requires cognitive ability and a great idea. Nowadays, many things are going on in this field, and computer science is not even about such things. One can create something only when he knows the basic theories in machine learning.

In the following article, we will discuss some fantastic machine learning books for researchers, students and beginners. These books are full of basic concepts that are quite necessary to develop skills in AI. Reading these books is a perfect way to reach from basic to advance levels. Go through the library of the required study materials.

1. Nick Bostrom’s Superintelligence

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It is a fantastic AI book that helps you to learn basic ideas of machine learning. Every concept in this book is written comprehensively. When you start reading the handbook, you will observe that you start gaining interest in it. There is an up-to-date intro about AI and its theory.

You can know a variety of things that help you in grasping the small and basic theories of the research and other studies. You can explore advanced technologies and other advanced techniques in a simplified way. It covers robotics, advance learning, multiple agent systems, and much more.

2. James V Stone’s Artificial Intelligence Engines

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You can explore this book in detail, which consists of all the crucial AI algorithms. You will observe that the concepts are available inside the book in terms of advanced neural networks. Well, it is quite helpful to read all such stuff because it helps in various purposes.

It can be poker, diagnosis of cancer, recognition of object and speech, robotics, and much more. You will get the details of the algorithms along with math equations and other analyses.

3. Tariq Rashid’s Make Your Neural Network

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If you need to go through the complete guide to know more about neural networks mathematically, this book is necessary. It is also possible that you can create your Python programming language. You can gain ideas and understand the working of expert systems.

There is a simple guide to know standard Python computer programs to develop all the professional networks. It is a perfect reference guide for getting in touch with all the crucial tips and tricks. The author commonly mentioned everything so that every beginner can know the concepts.

4. Jon Krohn’s Deep Learning Illustrated

Source: www.jonkrohn.com

It is another amazing book, which consists of all the algorithms of machine learning. It starts with a persuasive introduction that one cannot resist starting reading it. After that, you can explore the necessary theories and methods to gain enough knowledge to develop something useful. It is a perfect book for researchers, developers, analysts, and college students.

5. Joel Gurus’s Data Science from Scratch

Source: Kogan Australia

If you want to excel your skills in maths, then you must prefer this book of data science. You can learn all the required hacking tricks that help in becoming a perfect data scientist.

The book consists of specific topics like clustering models, logistic regression, naïve Bayes, applying K-nearest neighbors, analysis of network, processing of language, and much more. There are a variety of things to explore, but you need to be enough patient to start reading all the concepts in detail with peace.

6. Ajay Agarwal, Avi Goldfarb, and Joshua Gans’s Prediction Machines

Source: Ajay Agrawal

It is a perfect guide for people who want help while deciding anything under uncertainty. There is a list of prediction tools in the book that you must go through in detail to increase productivity.

The handbook covers the following topics like communication with customers, handling documents, and operating machines. When you reach the end of the book, you will understand how prediction can help in developing opportunities to start a new business venture and creating its structures.

7. Martin Ford’s Architects of Intelligence

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The book contains mind-blowing interviews with the author, where he has answered all the facts and queries of artificial intelligence. You can get a detailed idea about the thoughts of the intelligent people in the community.

There is a collection of various opinions by AI business people such as Yoshua Bengi, Rodney Brooks, Stuart Russell, and Demis Hassabis. If you want to gather detailed knowledge about AI’s future, then you must pick this book.

8. Krishna Rungta’s TensorFlow

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You can get a deep learning library in this market, which can help you in going through the concepts of artificial intelligence. There is a feature known as graph computation, which allows you to imagine and develop an expert system. You can get convolutions and recurrent neural networks.

There are many concepts covered in the book, such as Boston Tree, classification of deep learning, and layer methods. As a beginner, if you need professional studies and practice various techniques, then this book is for you.

9. Francois Chollet’s Deep Learning with R

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This book introduces the idea of the expert system by using R language and Keras library. Python programming language is used for developing the programs. It is a perfect book for clearing all the theories of expert systems. You can use your skills in many applications such as generative models, computer vision, processing of language, and much more. If you do not know any of the things mentioned earlier, you can also understand the concepts by a complete guide.

10. Aurelien Geron’s Hands-on Machine Learning

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This book helps in explaining all the theories of regression in expert systems. If you go through this book thoroughly, you can produce neural networks. There are various training models, such as random forests, vector machines, decision trees, and much more. You can easily understand basic techniques for increasing your skills in neural networks.

The Bottom Line

Many amazing books on AI are available in the market. It is challenging to choose the best one as a beginner. You can go through the above-listed books to know the methods of expert systems and visit giftwits.com for more information.