7 European Robotics Companies To Pay Attention to In 2024


It’s no doubt that one of the interruptive technologies of the 21st century is AI and automation. This technology is changing how humans and businesses conduct their daily activities. Just like with any new technology, there are companies at the forefront of the robotics movement. You may have heard of the big names such as FANUC and UR already. However, there are startups, the new businesses that invade the market with something new, innovative, and exciting. It’s always interesting to find out what these innovators can do with new technology. The European robotics market has seen numerous first-time companies, but only a few of them are making a mark.

Today, we look at 7 robotics companies in Europe that are worth your attention in 2024 and beyond. They have groundbreaking innovations, exceptional growth, and have earned international recognition for their work so far.

1. Smart Robotics

Source: LinkedIn

This is a Dutch startup that was formed in 2015. Smart Robotics focuses on developing solutions that ensure the flexible automation of packaging and logistics processes. Their solutions are applicable in E-commerce, Pharma, FMCG, and Parcel, among others. Their products include modular cobots (collaborative robots) that are scalable, easy to install and configure to desired functions. The company also creates AI-based software for the robots that’s independent of the robots. This ensures a faster and flexible application of robots by different clients.

2. RigiTech

Source: Radiate Engineering & Design AG

RigiTech is a Swiss company that promises to transform how goods are transferred. This is by implementing autonomous intercity aerial logistics. The company is using drones for delivering cargo. Their solution, the Air Bridge, facilitates drone connection between distant locations thus ensuring cargo delivery isn’t delayed by traffic jams, poor roads, and geographical inconveniences. The drone can carry about 3kgs across 80km flight distance on a single battery. Their drones can be useful in the humanitarian sector, healthcare, and e-commerce, among others.

3. Rozum Robotics

Rozum Robotics LCC is an international research, development, and manufacturing company whose development team is based in Belarus. The company’s area of specialization is ground-breaking robotics and high precision motor tech. They have a wide range of innovative products in the market so far. These include frameless motors, collaborative robotic hands for commercial and industrial applications, and high-torque compact servos. Rozum Robotics boasts a great team of experts comprised of engineers in industrial automation, talented programmers, and sales and marketing specialists.

4. Tibot Technologies

Source: LinkedIn

This French Startup started in 2016 and specializes in assistance robots for the routine tasks in a poultry farm. The company’s first and popular products are Spoutnic and Spoutnic NAV. Spoutnic is an independent robot that’s rechargeable and is designed to help in boosting the technical and financial functions of a poultry farm. It also makes the owner’s working conditions better. On the other hand, Spoutnic NAV utilizes an indoor steering system to keep poultry active and influence proper aeration of litter. These innovations boost the farm’s profitability and relieve workers of repetitive tasks. Tibot’s products have already been deployed by popular poultry businesses such as Le Helloco, Prodavi, and Agrial.

5. Reach Robotics

This Uk-based startup has attracted the attention of investors from everywhere around the globe, including Korea and Singapore. Founded in 2013, Reach Robotics targets the edutainment sector with innovative solutions based on robotics, Augmented Reality, and mobile gaming. Their flagship robot is known as MekaMon and it helps users to learn various skills while playing. It is controlled through a mobile app.

6. MX3D

Source: Dutch Design Daily

Based in the Netherlands, MX3D is an innovation pioneer in 3D metal printing. It is the company that has brought 3D metal printing and its benefits to heavy manufacturing industries. The company specializes in research and creation of smart and robust software for large scale 3D metal printing robots used in manufacturing industries. They also use robots to provide on-demand 3D metal printing services. For the past six years, the company has been using robots to print large objects on metals for various industries including maritime, heavy equipment, construction, creative and others. The company’s Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing software for robotics is one of a kind. The software facilitates end-to-end 3D metal printing in a large scale.

7. Robotical

Source: Robotical

Robotical is the company behind Marty the Robot, a Wi-Fi enabled robot that trains children on how to create software. Programming languages that kids can practice on Marty include Python, ROS, Javascript, and Scratch. The company has a new version of Marty that’s easier to use, sturdier, and comes with new exciting features.  The smart little bot uses 9 separately controllable servo motors. It can move and shake hands and can be controlled remotely via a gamepad.  Buyers can choose to get a pre-built Marty or order a kit and experiment or have fun assembling a robot. It’s also possible to add sensors and help Marty respond to the environment better.


All of these robotic companies are looking at a bright future and there’s no doubt that more will develop with the technology enhancement. Furthermore, it is important to say that these are only the European robotic companies and there are a lot more firms from Asia and primarily the United States. Even though they are competitors, each of these is pushing the other ones to be more efficient and come up with better products.