10 Ways to Keep Your Smart Gadgets Charged While Traveling


It is known that smartphones drain the battery quickly, and the reason for this is the use of various applications, as well as the Internet itself. The worst part is that it usually empties just when you need it most, especially when you are on the trip and disabled to charge your phone immediately.

Sometimes it is very difficult to save a charged battery, considering that our phone is used for various types of entertainment, especially if we travel for a long time. It’s hard to resist playing games, texting, taking photos, or following events on social networks. And just when we need the phone, we realize that the battery is almost empty.

To avoid these unpleasant situations, it is necessary to follow some of these tips.

1. Charge your phone before traveling

Put the phone on charge before setting off. This way you will at least be sure that it will last for a while. Many say that the phone should not be left to charge overnight, because that shortens the battery life. However, you will also hear from others that smartphones have a system that protects them from overcharging. What surely speeds up the aging process of the battery is keeping it on the charger for hours after the phone is 100% charged. Whether this is true or not, it is better to avoid doing it.

Source:Make Tech Easier

2. Background applications

Maybe you do not know, but many apps keep running in the background even when you do not use it. This way they drain the battery without you even knowing it. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure there are no apps that are still running in the background. Turning off apps is very simple on the iPhone. Just access to app manager and swipe the apps off your screen. Androids have more specific settings and experts claim it is not recommendable to do it manually.

Also, if you already know the way and there is no need for using GPS, turn the location off. As long as it is on, the signal will use your smartphone’s antenna to search for your location constantly.

3. Take the charger with you

Do not travel without a charger. You may not always have the opportunity to charge your phone while driving, but you will certainly manage along the way. There are many universal charging cables, so you can also use it for your smartwatch, camera, or any other USB device. These universal, Volta Charger cables will make packing easier because you will not have to pack cables for each device individually. Also, they are flexible and you do not need to worry they will break and be damaged.

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4. Airplane mode

If you are traveling by plane or you are definitely out of range and do not have a signal, then it is best to turn on airplane mode. This mode can save energy.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

As long as Wi-Fi is turned on, even when you don’t have range, your phone searches for it and thus drains its battery. To prevent this, turn it off and extend battery life at least a little.

Bluetooth headphones allow you to communicate safely while driving, or listen to music, but the battery also drains much faster. Therefore, it is recommended that you turn them off as soon as you stop using them.

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6. Do not play with your phone

If you want your phone to stay on for as long as possible and you can use it in case you really need it, forget about listening to music, scrolling on social networks, and playing games. Yes, this would shorten your trip and make it more fun, but it will also make your phone turn off quickly. Instead, you can read a book or use the time for a quality conversation with companions. For a while without looking at the screen, it will be good for you to take a break and enjoy the landscape.

Another little thing that can help your battery last a little longer is to reduce the light on the screen, as well as set some dark background. Avoid animations, because even though they look nice, they consume too much energy. Eliminate unnecessary notifications as well as vibration.

You can also activate power-saving mode and the settings will be set to save as much energy as possible.

7. Portable charger

We have good news for those who can’t last a second without their phone. Get a portable charger. This “charger of a charger” is not a large size and is intended to be carried on the road. Charge both your phone and the charger before you go on a trip, and don’t think that your phone will turn off soon. However, you will also need a cable with it.

Source: NBC News

8. Avoid extremes of heat and cold

Take care where you leave your phone when not in use. Do not leave your phone exposed to sun or at low temperatures. Both can have a negative impact on your mobile phone battery. This can strain the battery and shorten its lifespan. It is also not recommended to use it during charging, because it can overheat and slow down the processor itself.

9. Avoid fast charging

Although our goal is to charge the phone as quickly as possible, fast charging should be avoided as this will stress the battery. To prolong its lifespan, it is recommended to charge it slowly. Another important thing is that the battery works at full capacity between 20% and 100%, so you don’t have to wait for 0% before going for the charger.

Source: Android Central

10. Turn it off completely

If you are not expecting an important call and you want to get some sleep, turn off your phone completely. That is the best way to preserve the battery as long as possible. This will surely please you, because just as your phone needs a break from you to recharge, so you also need a break to recharge your batteries. Then why not take advantage of this mutual benefit?