How Does Modern Technology Affect Human Intelligence?


There is a great debate related to the impact of technology on our brain, cognitive system, social life, and overall health. If you do thorough research, you will find both positive and negative sides of modern technologies. The positive side is that education is now widely accessible since you can find all sorts of information online.

On the other hand, some experts are suggesting that simplifying everything so much might make our brains lazier. This is a quite complex subject, and we are going to introduce you to some of the main technological factors and how they might be affecting our intelligence.

Impact on Cognitive Functions


While there are many advantages related to the improvement of brain functions, especially when it comes to cognitive memory, it is proven that staying too much in front of screens of your mobile and desktop devices might have as negative effects as well. For example, some researches prove that kids could have issues with learning and development of certain skills if they spend too much time while playing games or watching videos. On the other hand, there are educational materials in digital format, but they require the monitoring of parents since kids are more interested in entertainment. In that matter, it is important to create a balance between studying and having fun on the internet.

Digital technology is affecting adults as well. The best example is the use of social media and apps that makes our lives easier. While they are quite convenient in terms of easier communication and faster approach to various services, people don’t need to memorize things since they can find all information on smartphones. Challenging cognitive functions is the best way to keep the brain in a sharp state. Therefore, relations between intelligence and excessive use of technology depend on how people are using it.

However, there are many advantages of virtual technologies, especially interactive video games.  For instance, it is proven that video games improve the ability to focus, make faster decisions, and memorize things. Chess can help you vastly with that, for that case check the best chess engines to find the one that fits your level the most. Also, simple searching over the internet is helping people to pay more attention to details. Aside from that, there are special games and tests for memory, speed, focus, and more.  Furthermore, some researches are showing that certain games can be especially beneficial for older generations since they can help them to keep their mental state in a better condition, which can help as the prevention of dementia.

Impact on the Brain


First of all, we have to mention one of the most interesting things related to technologies and brain functions. Many people claim that most of the population in the 50s and 60s were having dreams in black and white color, while the introduction of color TVs made people dream colorful pictures again. Another influence is related to our behaviors on social media platforms. Since we are all connected today, and it is simple to stay in touch with people and meet new ones as well, a lot of people developed a model of addiction to social media.

Not being active for some time, which means that you won’t share any content, comment on other posts, or even communicate with others online might lead to a unique feeling of being avoided by others. In some cases, people can fear being frustrated or even develop more serious mental conditions. One of the main reasons why you should spend less time in front of screens is related to sleeping patterns. It is proven that people who put away the phone and other devices at least half an hour before sleep have much better patterns. Having quality sleep is directly connected to the intelligence and sharpness of the brain.

We already mentioned memory, and how technology can impact the decrease of memory among people who are using digital technologies more often. It is simple to understand the reasons. In the era of information, there is no need to memorize anything when you are carrying all that information in your pocket. The attention can be disrupted as well. People are losing a sense of basic things like addresses and general knowledge.

In that matter, the situation might get worse over time if people continue to rely only on digital services. Being aware of the effects, along with self-control are the best ways to use only the positive sides of modern technologies. Also, we have to mention the necessary monitoring of the kids. It is essential to include books and interactive games, even in digital format, and make them more interested in content that is not made only for entertainment.

Can You Improve the IQ Score?


As you can see, the way of using the internet can be a huge factor related to the development of intelligence for both kids and adults. Therefore, if you are spending a lot of time on social media or while playing games, you should include some other activities to keep your brain in better condition. For instance, playing chess is one of the best ways to improve your concentration and cognitive capabilities.

Also, learning new things like musical instruments, languages, or simply reading more about all sorts of things will help you to keep the current level or even increase the score over time. There is a common misconception that people are born with a certain IQ score and that there is no way to change that throughout life. However, it is much more complex. If you want to find out what is your IQ, check out

Last Words

The relation between intelligence and digital improvements can be looked from different angles. You can use it for education or playing interactive games that will help you to boost your memory and focus. On the other side, if you are only using the internet and devices for entertainment and various services, you can get used to that very fast, and your brain won’t feel the need to improve over time and memorize a lot of things.