5 Ways New Technology is Changing The Accounting Industry

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Technology is constantly changing the world around us and like every other industry out there, the accounting world has also changed due to innovative and modern tech. This is why you might be wondering – in what ways has new technology shaped the accounting industry? Luckily for all people that are wondering the same thing, the list below will shed some light on the whole topic. So, let’s take a closer look at what you need to know:

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1. AI is The Key to Automation

Artificial Intelligence or AI for short is one of the first technologies that are changing the financial industry, mostly because it is used for automating a wide range of complex and difficult processes with more accuracy and speed. This implies that utilizing AI in this particular field can reduce the chances of human-made errors, which will in return, reduce operating expenses and increase workplace efficiency.

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2. Cloud Computing Enables Remote Work

According to the experts from Adelaide Accounting, cloud computing is one of the most beneficial technologies out there, especially since it allows analysts to access the data that they need for finishing their tasks from any remote location. Additionally, cloud computing allows them to deliver their financial reports by using the Internet, which will not only speed up the entire process, but it’ll also reduce the need for printing the reports, hence, it could save funds and resources as well.

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3. Incredible Tax Programs

If you do some research, you’ll discover that there are numerous tax programs available on the market, all of which could help increase the accuracy of the reports, while at the same time, it guarantees that there are no mistakes made. Now, if there are mistakes in the reports, accounting firms would have to pay penalties for them, so, most companies out there embrace such programs. Also, these innovative programs can streamline different reports, which means that they’ll be more accurate and efficient.

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4. Mobile Accounting is Here to Stay

Smartphones are, perhaps, one of the most important tools for any analyst out there, mostly because it allows them to quickly and easily access the data that they require. Besides this, smartphones allow them to connect with their customers, something that will enhance the communication between them. There are numerous mobile apps that are suitable for sending invoices, adding receipts, and creating different reports, all of which are quite beneficial for all employees.

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5. Social Media is Important Too

A lot of individuals don’t realize this, but social media is also a form of technology. After all, it enables analysts to connect with different firms, but more importantly, it allows them to connect with their existing and possible clients. Most accounting firms understand the importance of using social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, and almost all of them implement these platforms as a part of their advertising campaigns.


As you were able to learn from our list above, things such as cloud computing, mobile accounting, as well as artificial intelligence are shaping the accounting world. Not only are they beneficial because they speed up different repetitive tasks, but this type of technology can also help reduce the chances of human-made error, something that will reduce operating expenses and increase the efficiency of accountants.