5 Skateboard Technologies You Need To Know 


Skateboard technology is constantly changing and advancing. When you first look at the basics, it seems there are only a handful of different skateboard technologies out there. However, as time goes by, more advanced skateboard technologies emerge.

The more that is out there, the more difficult it can be for the beginner to figure out what is new. Many people don’t realize that they can buy skateboards with breaks, wheels, trucks, and dropouts, just to name a few of the various components. There are also many ways to customize your deck depending on your skill level. And in this article, we are going to look at 5 of them.

1. Remote Controlled Skateboards and Battery Regeneration System

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One of the newer skateboarding technologies out there is the remote control. This system allows the user to control their skateboard from far away, something that was previously not possible. Remote control units have come a long way from the very first units to the latest technology. Some of the latest units even allow the user to program the type of kick turns into certain tricks. This is a very fun and very advanced way for new skateboarders to get into the sport without having to master all of the skills at once.

Another skateboarding technology that has come along in recent years is the battery regeneration system. This system allows the rider to actually “stock up” on batteries during off times so that they do not have to waste battery power during their workouts. In order for the rider to perform tricks on their electric skateboards, they must expend battery power but when they need to go even longer without recharging, the battery does not have to be recharged.

The battery regeneration system will let the rider know that all they need to do is to allow the system to regenerate the battery so that it can be used again. This is by far one of the best skateboarding technologies out there because you know that the battery is not being wasted and that you will always have a charge available.

2. Newer and Improved Decks

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There are other skateboard technologies that you might not be aware of, such as the removal of the concave curve on the heel. Newer decks have been developed with concave heels that make the foot rolls easier and smoother. The flat bottomed decks of the past often had a deep heel, which tended to rub and cause blisters in the long run. These new decks offer a better grip and a comfortable ride for longer periods of time. It also makes for easier sliding and stopping.

3. Flex Skateboard Decks

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Skateboard decks have also been revolutionized by the introduction of a new material known as flex. Flex offers many advantages for skaters that are both practical and aesthetic.

The most noticeable benefit is the fact that the material allows the skateboard to flex without compromising its stability. This means that the board can be folded up compactly for storage and transport. With so many people skateboarding in this day and age, it is important to have an item that is easy to transport and fits the bill when it comes to fitting into small areas.

4. Deck Tapes

Source: LiveAbout

Another benefit to skateboard technologies is the ability to add deck tape. The addition of the tape allows many people to customize their deck depending on the look they are going for.

Many people use their decks for many different activities, such as skating, rollerblading, hiking, camping, skating, surfing, wakeboarding, and much more. To be able to customize your skateboard this easily is a huge plus. This also adds another way to customize your skateboard that many people like.

With the introduction of the flex deck surface, it is now possible for people to create a very smooth, shiny deck surface that many skaters are finding very comfortable. When you are doing anything on your skateboard, you want a smooth, shiny surface to keep your hands on.

If you have rough textures on your skateboards, such as nails or old scuffs, the new technologies allow you to polish these areas off and maintain your skateboard looking brand new. The ability to keep your boards as clean as possible is very important for safety reasons.

5. Seismic Tekton Bearings

Source: Offset Skate Supply

Seismic Tekton bearings scored an Abec rating of 5+ and this goes to show how this new enhanced bearing can take the pressure. These ceramic bearings were designed to last longer and according to their manufacturers are much safer. These bearings produced by seismic has spaces in between to ensure that the bearings are at the same level while using your skateboard.

The last major advantage of the skateboard technologies that have been developed is the increase in safety when riding your skateboard. Now when you are doing anything on your skateboard, you are much more secure and comfortable because you are travelling at more than a normal speed. There is also much less risk involved in taking an unsafe fall if you are travelling fast since there is the least amount of momentum to lose if you fall.


Skateboard technology has come a long way over the years. It is becoming much easier to go out into the community and find other people who like the same sport as you.  The new inventions and skateboard accessories are making this sport accessible to anyone who wants to play. But if you need help with choosing the right skateboarding gear, sources like Inboard Skate can help you out.

These new technological systems are quite good and have been developed for quite some time. With the advances that have been made in the skateboards themselves, the size and weight of the battery have decreased quite a bit. The size and weight of the battery will also affect the price of the skateboard which is always important to consider. This is why you need to compare the different types of batteries to find the one that is best for you.

The skateboard you were sold years ago is no longer the skateboard that you were sold. Your old skateboard is now better than ever.